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Watch this free masterclass for CEOs of IT services companies to learn exactly how...
We Scale IT Services Companies Using Our BFD Client Acquisition System 📈 That Increases Revenue 7X For Every $1 Invested.
Clients Come to Us When...
We specialize in helping IT service firms whose biggest bottleneck is acquiring new clients. 
The companies that we work with are typically facing these core issues...
  • Not generating enough leads: you have tried it all at this point, but you haven't found a sustainable strategy that can consistently deliver enough high-quality leads and sales appointments with IT decision makers so that you can predictably grow your business. You are looking for a hands-off system that can allow you and your team to wake up to a calendar full of opportunities. 
  • Reliant on word of mouth & referrals: you are generating a sizeable portion of your business from word or mouth, referrals, and online review sites. While this is a great sign that your service is top notch. You have come to realize that is not a controllable way for you to grow. You are looking for a client-attraction system that you can use to predictably put $1 in and get $5, $7, even $10 out. 
  • Cold calling is working, but not good enough: you and your team are spending a lot of money, a lot of time, and massive energy on cold calling. It is producing results, but you are quickly realizing that cold-calling does not scale without a massive investment: SDRs, managers, budget, etc. You are looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to generate qualified appointments for your business without hiring an army of cold callers.
  • Spammy email & LI outreach isnt working: you are realizing that the IT decision makers you are attempting to go after online are not responding to you. You are looking for a higher-value and more personalized way to get attention, access, and engagment from IT decision makers. So that you can deliver value above and beyong the compeition and win new business. 
  • You want to close more of your sales opportunities: you and your team is amazing at building technical solutions, but you are not so great at selling them. But it is not your fault, you are a technologist. You have really never been formally trained in consultative sales best practices. You have been leary of selling because you do not want to come accross as sleezy or manipulative, but you know that there is room for massive improvement in your sales process, scripts, mindset, systems, and strategies.
  • Wasting money on marketing & sales: your sales and  marketing budget seems like a bottomless pit, where you are throwing tons of dollars in and you have no clear return on investment to show for it. You are looking for a system that can clearly demonstrate massive ROI. 
Here's How Our BFD System Can Help You Scale-up...
This BFD system is a predictable, scalable, and highly-profitable client-acquisition machine that helps you to attract and close five & six-figure consulting contracts. Here's how it works...
#1: Our BFD system adds 25 highly-qualified sales appointments into your calendar each month with IT decision makers.

Generate a flood of high-quality opportunities: our BFD client-attraction system predictably adds 2-3 highly-qualified appointments per day (per sales rep) with IT decision makers with big budgets. Imagine waking up to a calendar full of appointments.

Highly profitable & cashflow positive growth: we have created a proprietary system (BFD) that requires $0 ad spend, only takes a week to setup and unleash, and our average client makes over $23,000 in revenue within the first 30 days of set up and over $200,000 within the first 90 days - with $0 in adspend.

    #2:  Our copywriters craft razor-sharp messaging that gets immediate attention, access, & engagement from IT decision-makers

      Become impossible to ignore: Our unique outreach method helps you to get access, attention, & engagement with six & seven figure IT decision makers. We show you how to send hyper-personalized messages (in the most leveraged way possible) to you ideal prospects that clearly communicate the value you offer and really strike a nerve.

      Add value above and beyond the competition: decision makers in this space are constantly bombareded with spammy outreach (cold calls, emails, and LinkedIn connections). Our system helps you to deliver a hyper-personalized and highly resonant message that adds value way above and beyond the company they are currently working with (or considering).

      #3: Win 2X more of your sales opportunities with our proven sales training, sales scripts, & sales follow-up systems.

      Double your sales win rate: Most IT services companies are phenomenal at building technical solutions, but terrible at selling them. The average win rate of our clients is around 12-15%. Our BFD system fills in that gap through consultative sales training, scripts, demo presentations, and automated follow-up systems that have the power to literally double your sales performance overnight and help you to turn 2x as many appointments into clients - without sleezy or manipulative sales tactics.

        #4:  Our BFD content framework cuts your sales cycle in half by doing 72% of the selling before you ever speak 1-on-1.

        We help you get big deals done faster: Our system compresess the sales cycles on big deals by leveraging education content, personalized video communication, and automation to answer the most common questions &  create deep trust and authority with IT decision makers way before they ever talk with you 1-on-1 on the phone. This cuts 70% of the unecessary 1-on-1 communication and drawn out back and forth within the typical IT sales cycle.

        #5: You will save 4-5 hours per day and $7,130 per month by outsourcing this process to one of our low-cost, fully-trained, BFD revenue engineers.

        A calendar full of appointments, on autopilot: last, we will help you by installing a low-cost, well trained, and highly effective BFD revenue engineer to run this process on your behalf for less than $5 per hour.  On average, your revenue engineer will book 3 or more highly qualified appointments per day - without you having to lift a finger - so that you can focus on doing higher level activities.

        Average cost per appointment: 

        Here is What You Will Walk Away With...
        Here is a quick summary of some of the thins you will walk away with after partnering with us...
        • Cash machine that trades $1 for $7: this BFD system creates a cash-generating golden loop where for every $1 you put in the system, you get $7 back in revenue. 
        • ​Get 25 quality sales appointments each month: we install a system that predictably books 25 high-quality sales appointments into your calendar each month - with IT decision makers with five and six figure budgets.
        • ​Get ​razor-sharp messaging: we help you create razor-sharp messaging that cuts through the noise and gets you access, attention, & engagement from IT decision-makers.
        • ​​​​We outsource this entire process for you: the best part is that we outsource this entire process so that you do not have to lift a finger. You will get to one of our low cost overseas virtual assistants ($5-7/hr) who will keep this system running on autopilot for you. Wake up to a calendar full of appointments.
        • Close bigger clients, faster: Our sales training, scripts, and systems will help you to generate 50-70% more clients from the exact same lead flow and opportunities by pluggin the holes in your sales process. Even if you are technical, introverted and not a natural salesperson. 
        • ​Become dramatically more effective: by leveraging this process, you and your team become dramatically more effective and efficient. On average, you will save 2-3 hours per day and about $7k - per sales person. 
        • Our team helps you build everything: along the way, you (or your team) can book a one-on-one at any time with our implentation coaches (who are the top 1% in their respective fields) to get an immediate and custom solution. They are also available  in our private Slack community for quicker acces.
        Want To See Some of Our Client RESULTS?
        Check out this case study video for some examples of how we have helped IT service companies grow...
        • We added $212,500 in revenue in the first sixty days: our BFD system wasa directly responsible for adding $212,500 in new revenue within the first sixty days of working together. We did this by implementing our proprietary BFD acquisition system to promote their services to cold audiences using social media advertising.
        • We cut their customer acquisition costs from $3,700 to $855: previously the partner was blowing money every month on paid ads. They had no way to accurately mesaure the effectiveness of their campaigns to determine what was producing results and what was not. In a week after implementing our BFD system, we were able to cut their customer acquisition cost from $3,700 to a highly profitable $855 per new client.
        • ​​We implemented sales training, conversion assets, & follow-up systems to close 70% more deals: After reviewing their old process, we quickly uncoverd some huge opportunities for improvement. There was little education being done before sales calls, the sales script was pitch heavy, and the value proposition was unclear, and they werent asking for the sale. After improving these weaknesses, we helped their sales team improve their close rate from 10% to 17%. This dramatic increase helped us to be able to acquire more 70% more customers from the same leadflow and advertising budget. 
        • ​We created $13.20 in revenue for every $1 we spent on ads: Installing our BFD system helped them to create a cash-generating machine that consistently spit out $13.20 for every $1 invested in social media advertising. 
        How much will this cost you?
        I want to help you to do the math. If you were to outsource sales development (through an agency), this is the annual total cost of ownership for choosing this route...
        • ​SDR Base: two SDRs at a base of $4.5k per mo each ($108,000/yr)
        • ​SDR Commissions: $500 appts, 20 appts per rep per month ($240,000/yr)
        • Opportunity Cost: not building your own business, dependent on their IP/team
        Total investment: $348,000 per year
        Cost per appointment: $725 per qualified booked appointment
        Cost per client (10% win rate): $7,250 per new client
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