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Your outdated sales process is the biggest bottlneck to scaling up your managed security MRR...

We help MSSPs to double managed security MRR in 6 months or less 📈 while reducing CAC by at least 28% using our repeatable, scalable, & ridiculously-profitable MSSP Growth Machine 💰

We scale managed security MRR...

We scale managed security MRR...

✔️We deliver 3+ additional clients per month: Once optimized our Growth Machine predictably delievers 3+ clients per month (at 200+ endpoints or more) in  manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, M&A, SaaS, and Government. 

✔️We generate ridiculous ROIThis system consistently and predictably returns a $60k+ (in ARR) managed security contract for every $3.5k-$5k invested. Its like having an profit printing machine for your MSSP.

✔️We deliver massive profits: This is much more profitable and cash efficient way to scale up your MRR because you dont need to recruit, hire, train, manage, and retain an army of expensive BDRs to grow.

⏱️ Your sales team is wasting 90% of their time chasing leads…
Your outdated sales process is forcing your sales team to waste 90% of their time chasing around tire kickers who don't answer the phone, aren't a good fit, and will likely never buy. This outdated lead-gen/BDR model is the biggest bottleneck preventing you from predictably scaling up your your managed security services recurring revenue. 
💻 Our MSSP Growth Machine makes your sales team more profitable...
Our growth machine eliminates the time that your sales team wastes trying to connect with decision-makers and manually drag them through your sales process. Our growth machine uses education & smart marketing automation to pack your sales team's calendar with pre-qualified booked appointments where 80% of the selling (education) is already done…
☎️ We fill sales calendars with appointments & 80% of the selling is already done...

✔️ Holes: they can see the gaping holes in their security posture

✔️ Pain: they are already feeling the massive pain of an incident.

✔️ Authority: they see you as the world-class expert n their particular industry

✔️ Risk: painful stories from industry CEOs who didn't take security seriously

✔️ Educated: clarity on how your security service works to solve their problems

✔️ USP: your people, process and technology are better than the competition

✔️ Trust: watched several case studies from clients who swear by your service

✔️ ROI: quantified the massive ROI that your service will provide

✔️ Pricing: they understand and are on board with your premium pricing

✔️ Soon: no longer willing to accept this level of risk and want to start soon
📈 We help you to double your managed security MRR in six months…
This creates an environment where we can double your MRR by scaling up the amount of highly-qualified booked appointments that your team has on a daily basis. While completely eliminating the time they waste trying to chase down time wasters and tire kickers and drag them through the sales process. 
❓ How do we do it?
Well, that is the secret sauce. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you, shoot me a direct message and we can set up a time to talk about details.

To your growth and prosperity,

Robert Stevenson 
Founder of Software Sensei
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